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Clinic Date YouTube Link Title Presenter(s)
2024-06-06 Click for Video Photo Backdrop for Tunnel City Lester Breuer
2024-05-16 Click for Video Gary Union Station, CPKC Empress Greg Bueltmann and Doug Harding
2024-05-09 Click for Video Inverted Static Grass Application and Milford MI Video Ron Christensen and Neal Thomas
2024-04-25 Click for Video RS1 Paint Schemes, Reefer Kitbash, IC and CNW Photos Clark Propst & Bob Blake
2024-04-18 Click for Video Row Crops, Dioramas, Mason City and Clear Lake Clark Propst, Ron Christensen & Jason Klocke
2024-04-11 Click for Video Kitbashing Structures and Industrial Commoditites Dave Nelson and Ron Christensen
2024-04-04 Click for Video What Makes a Good Operating Session Bob Blake
2024-03-21 Click for Video Scenery Remakes Ron Christensen
2024-03-14 Click for Video Favorite Photographs Rich Hanke
2024-03-07 Click for Video Ice Bunker Reefers and Panel Side Hoppers Clark Propst
2024-02-29 Click for Video Rochester Minnesota's Oil City Jason Klocke
2024-02-22 Click for Video Pennsy X23 Box Cars Ken Hough
2024-02-17 Click for Video Using the NMRA Website Chuck Hart
2024-02-15 Click for Video Kick Up Your Switching Bob Blake
2024-02-08 Click for Video Ertl 40 ft USRA Box Cars Upgraded Clark Propst
2024-02-01 Click for Video Video Tour of Jason Klocke's CGW Layout Jason Klocke
2024-01-25 Click for Video The Alma Branch: Moving Toward Completion Jared Harper
2024-01-20 Click for Video Thin Brass and Photo Etched Parts for Modelers George Toman
2024-01-18 Click for Video Christmas on the Railroad Doug Harding
2024-01-11 Click for Video Converting a Toy Caboose & Prototype Repurposing of Freight Cars Clark Propst and Dave Nelson
2024-01-04 Click for Video Randolph Turned: Making Space Between Towns Lester Breuer
2023-12-14 Click for Video A Tour of the South Bend Terminal Railroad Dave Fodness
2023-11-02 Click for Video M&StL RS1 Paint Schemes, Baled Loads Clark Propst and Dave Nelson
2023-10-19 Click for Video Open Loads, Railroad Cars and Stenciling the Prototype Chuck Schwartz, Ron Christensen, and Dave Nelson
2023-10-05 Click for Video Here, You Can Have This Clark Propst
2023-09-28 Click for Video Photoshop, Freight Cars, Locomotives and Old Photos Ron Christensen
2023-09-21 Click for Video Coopering Freight Cars and Visits to Iowa Depots Dave Nelson, Ron Christensen, and Doug Harding
2023-09-14 Click for Video Trees on the Minneapolis & Northland RR Lester Breuer
2023-09-07 Click for Video NMRA AP Electrical Ron Christensen and Greg Bueltmann
2023-08-24 Click for Video Building and Rebuilding a Mason City Layout Clark Propst
2023-08-17 Click for Video Mason City, Iowa in Pictures Doug Harding and Clark Propst
2023-08-10 Click for Video Railfanning the Rock Island's Denver to Kansas City Line John Golden
2023-08-03 Click for Video Scenery Improvements, Paint Chipping, and a Hole Ron Christensen, Mark Carlson, Dan Brewer
2023-07-20 Click for Video Mason City, IA and Janesville, WI Revisited Ron Christensen, Dave Nelson, Ken Thompson
2023-07-13 Click for Video Photos from Janesville WI and Howell MI Ron Christensen
2023-06-29 Click for Video Railroads of Warren County, Iowa Doug Harding
2023-06-22 Click for Video CNWHS Sioux City Convention - There and Back Dave Nelson
2023-06-15 Click for Video Monon Train 57 Michigan City to Lafayette 12-16-1964 Seth Lakin
2023-06-08 Click for Video Model Building Tools Part Two Lester Breuer
2023-06-01 Click for Video Realistic Outdoor Photography Keith Kohlmann
2023-05-25 Click for Video Winging the Prototype Clark Propst
2023-05-18 Click for Video Researching and Building a Switching Layout John Golden
2023-05-11 Click for Video Ken Jenkins Concrete Country Elevators and Mills Doug Harding
2023-05-04 Click for Video Building the CBQ-BN Peoria Sub 1964 and 1990 Eras Ken Thompson
2023-04-27 Click for Video Small Rural Wood and Metal Silo Elevators Doug Harding
2023-04-20 Click for Video Two Modelgenic Illinois Railroads Dave Nelson
2023-04-08 Click for Video Modeling Realistic Freight Car Loads Keith Kohlmann
2023-04-08 Click for Video M.&St.L. Authorization for Purchase (AFE) Gene Green
2023-04-06 Click for Video Tools for Building Plastic and Resin Freight Cars Lester Breuer
2023-03-30 Click for Video Using ICC Valuation Reports Doug Harding
2023-03-23 Click for Video Vintage Structures and Rolling Stock Ron Christensen
2023-03-16 Click for Video Upgrading a MILW Rib Side Box Car Lester Breuer
2023-03-09 Click for Video Tom Stathis Layout Tom Stathis and Ron Christensen
2023-03-02 Click for Video 1,000 Days to Layout Completion Mark Carlson
2023-02-23 Click for Video Detailing a Box Car Lester Breuer
2023-02-16 Click for Video Don Cope's Layout and Models Ron Christensen and John Hanske
2023-02-11 Click for Video Yards and Yard Limits - Feb 2023 Div Mtg Chuck Hart
2023-02-09 Click for Video Mini Scenes on the Minneapolis and Northland Lester Breuer
2023-02-02 Click for Video Modeling Vehicles and the Monon 2 FEB 2023 Mont Switzer
2023-01-26 Click for Video Rebuilding and Detailing HO Turnouts John Golden
2023-01-19 Click for Video Rail Cleaning, Signs of Life, Hampton, IA The Group, Chuck Schwartz, Doug Harding
2023-01-14 Click for Video Michiana Div Meeting - Brick and Tile Industry Ron Christensen
2023-01-12 Click for Video Deco Ends, Staging Yard, Rail Industries Ken Hough, Rod Thomson, Ron Christensen
2023-01-05 Click for Video Box Car Components and Nomenclature Clark Propst
2022-12-17 Click for Video Michiana Division Meeting Paper Mill in HO Greg Bueltmann
2022-12-15 Click for Video Tacoma Bay in N Scale Brian Preston
2022-12-01 Click for Video Maynard Mitchell's Layout - Room Lighting Maynard Mitchell, Ron Christensen
2022-11-19 Click for Video NMRA AP Program - Dispatcher Ron Christensen
2022-11-17 Click for Video Brian Preston's Tacoma Layout - Loads of Farm Implements Ron Christensen, Doug Harding
2022-11-10 Click for Video AP Electrical, Arizona Layout Progress Greg Bueltmann, Chuck Schwartz
2022-11-01 Click for Video Helpful Hints, Halloween Mischief, A Small Locomotive Rich Hanke, Doug Harding, Ron Christensen
2022-10-11 Click for Video Transformers - MStL Auto Boxcar Details Clark Propst
2022-10-04 Click for Video Favorite Photos of Models and Prototype Railroads Rich Hanke
2022-08-30 Click for Video Changes to staging, scenery, and corrugated siding Clark Propst and Ron Christensen
2022-08-23 Click for Video Transition Era Steam Generator Cars Lloyd Keyser
2022-08-16 Click for Video Gratiot, Wisconsin Module Rod Thomson
2022-08-11 Click for Video Developing a roster to Fit YOUR Prototype Clark Propst
2022-07-14 Click for Video What Are You Working On Panel
2022-07-07 Click for Video The Great Circus Train Mark Carlson
2022-06-30 Click for Video Modeling Motion Bob Blake
2022-06-23 Click for Video Balloon Framing, Ore Line Update, Woodland Scenics Ron Christensen, Greg Bueltmann
2022-06-16 Click for Video Feed Mill Models, Indy Jct Layouts Part 2 Clark Propst, Neal Thomas
2022-06-09 Click for Video Indy Junction Layouts, Feed Mills and Grain Elevators Neal Thomas, Ron Christensen
2022-06-02 Click for Video Model Photos, Layout Modules, Nunn Signals Rich Hanke, Rod Thomson, Dave Nelson
2022-05-26 Click for Video LNE Box Car, CNW Ballast Cars, Mankato Sights Clark Propst, Mark Carlson, Dave Nelson
2022-05-12 Click for Video McCallsburg Coal Shed, Early Telephone Wiring Clark Propst, Ron Christensen
2022-05-05 Click for Video Family History, Coal Shed, Manitowoc Brian Ehni, Doug Harding, Rich Hanke
2022-04-28 Click for Video Fascia Extensions, Circus World Cars, and More of Tama Mark Carlson and Ron Christensen
2022-04-21 Click for Video Freight Car Progress, PowerPoint, Anatomy of a Siding Clark Propst and Dave Nelson
2022-04-07 Click for Video What Are You Working On? Ron Christensen, Doug Harding, Greg Bueltmann
2022-03-31 Click for Video What Are You Working On? Clark Propst, Doug Harding, Ken Hough
2022-03-24 Click for Video Small Bulk Petroleum Dealers Part Two Ron Christensen
2022-03-17 Click for Video Flatland Coal Loaders Lloyd Keyser
2022-03-10 Click for Video Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Brick Depots Seth Lakin
2022-03-03 Click for Video Fun with Pickles Doug Harding
2022-02-19 Click for Video Railroads of Porter County, Indiana Ken Hough
2022-02-17 Click for Video Modeling Scale-Sized Deciduous Trees Jared Harper
2022-02-03 Click for Video Photos and Artifacts from Tama Iowa Ron Christensen
2022-01-27 Click for Video Belle Plaine Iowa Ron Christensen
2022-01-20 Click for Video Storing and Retrieving Photos on the Computer Doug Harding
2022-01-15 Click for Video NMRA Michiana Division January 2022 Clinic - Presenting Online Greg Bueltmann
2022-01-13 Click for Video Building a Branch Line Roster Clark Propst
2021-12-30 Click for Video Rich Hanke Country Church Rich Hanke
2021-12-18 Click for Video Andy Laurent Division Meeting South Shore Freight Andy Laurent
2021-12-16 Click for Video Seth Lakin Michigan City Railroads Circa 1960 Seth Lakin
2021-12-02 Click for Video Doug Harding Freight Depots Doug Harding
2021-11-18 Click for Video Duane Henry's Sister Lakes Southern Operations Ron Christensen
2021-11-11 Click for Video Duane Henry's Sister Lakes Southern Ron Christensen
2021-11-04 Click for Video Deckers Meat Packing - Deckers Rolling Stock Clark Propst
2021-10-28 Click for Video Deckers Meat Packing Operations Clark Propst
2021-10-21 Click for Video Deckers Meat Packing Design and Construction Clark Propst
2021-10-14 Click for Video Improvements to the Gas Station Ron Christensen
2021-10-07 Click for Video Rich Hanke Limestone Rich Hanke
2021-09-30 Click for Video Coal in the Upper Midwest Doug Harding
2021-09-16 Click for Video Lumber and Lumber Yards Doug Harding
2021-09-02 Click for Video Bulk Oil Dealers Ron Christensen
2021-08-26 Click for Video Interchanges on the Minneapolis and Northland Railway Lester Breuer
2021-08-21 Click for Video Three Week Layout Rennovation Clark Propst
2021-08-12 Click for Video Clark Propst - Zeroing in on Zearing Clark Propst
2021-08-05 Click for Video St. Louis RPM Recap Doug Harding
2021-07-15 Click for Video High Pressure Dome Cars Ron Christensen
2021-07-01 Click for Video Story City Branch - Turn Back Curve Clark Propst
2021-06-24 Click for Video Unknown Elevator File Ron Christensen
2021-06-15 Click for Video Photos from Tama County Ron Christensen
2021-06-10 Click for Video Cleveland Coop Rich Hanke
2021-06-03 Click for Video Grain Elevator Photos Ron Christensen
2021-05-27 Click for Video Fernwoods Paul Bussey RR Garden Rebuild Ron Jillson
2021-05-20 Click for Video Rolling Through Roland on the Story City Line Clark Propst
2021-05-06 Click for Video Staging - Rich Trowbridge Rich Trowbridge
2021-04-29 Click for Video Making a Train from a Switch List Mark Carlson
2021-04-22 Click for Video Walking Tour - Ron Christensen's Layout Room Ron Christensen
2021-04-15 Click for Video Staging - The Story City Branch and Bob G - RI Clark Propst and Bob Gretillat
2021-04-08 Click for Video Staging on Ron Christensen's CNW and MILW Layout Ron Christensen
2021-04-01 Click for Video Staging on the Blackhawk Lines Bob Blake
2021-03-25 Click for Video Operations on Jason's CGW Layout Jason Klocke
2021-03-18 Click for Video Staging overview and two examples Chuck Hart & John Hanske
2021-03-11 Click for Video Story City The Learning Curve Clark Propst
2021-03-04 Click for Video Story City Beginnings Clark Propst
2021-02-25 Click for Video Construction of Enginehouse and Turntable at Rochester Clark Propst
2021-02-18 Click for Video Addition to Randolph Part II Lester Breuer
2021-02-11 Click for Video Addition to Randolph on Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company Lester Breuer
2021-02-04 Click for Video Scenery Tips Jason Klocke
2021-01-28 Click for Video Poultry Cars Doug Harding
2021-01-21 Click for Video Canadian Pacific North Shore Subdivision Layout Tour Mike Martin
2021-01-14 Click for Video Fan Trips and Bridges Rich Hanke
2021-01-07 Click for Video Kitbashing an Athearn Car into a GN Steel Side Boxcar Clark Propst
2020-12-17 Click for Video N Scale Essex, Montana Layout Tour John and Connie Coy
2020-12-10 Click for Video Pulpwood Operations in Wisconsin Rich Hanke
2020-12-03 Click for Video Every Picture Tells a Story Clark Propst
2020-11-19 Click for Video The Glacier Line John and Connie Coy
2020-10-29 Click for Video Progress Report: Uncle Heavy's Ore Lines Greg Bueltmann
2020-10-15 Click for Video Modeling C&NW at Baraboo, WI Mark Carlson
2020-10-01 Click for Video The Omaha Road from Hudson to Ellsworth Jan Whitcomb
2020-09-11 Click for Video Making Model Buildings from Paper Paul Ewing
2020-08-28 Click for Video Let's Dream Up a Fantasy Layout Clark Propst
2020-08-21 Click for Video Modeling a Museum Railroad Barry Karlberg
2020-08-14 Click for Video Santa Fe's Alma (Kansas) Branch Jared Harper
2020-08-07 Click for Video Bob Gretillat's Rock Island Layout - A Closer Look Bob Gretillat
2020-07-31 Click for Video M&StL Story City Branch Clark Propst
2020-07-24 Click for Video Council Bluffs to Chicago on the Milwaukee Road Ron Christensen
2020-07-17 Click for Video Santa Fe's Alma (Kansas) branch Jared Harper
2020-07-10 Click for Video Iowa Central Layout Tour Doug Harding
2020-07-03 Click for Video Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company Part Two Lester Breuer
2020-06-26 Click for Video Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company Part One Lester Breuer
2020-06-19 Click for Video Layout tours - The Mason City Boys Bob Gretillat, Clark Propst
2020-06-12 Click for Video Buildings, M&StL Layout Operations Joel Pyard, Dick Berry
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